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Fullen Stone

100,000+ ton inventory of construction aggregate materials ready to go!

Located at Mile 740 of the lower Mississippi River, about 6 miles from Downtown Memphis, Fullen Dock & Warehouse is strategically located in "America's Distribution Center" - the heart of the Mid-South.

With an inventory of more than one hundred thousand tons ready to rock and an on-site fleet of trucks ready to roll, Fullen Stone ensures both competitive pricing and on-time delivery.

Construction Aggregate Types


Quality Construction Aggregates for Pick Up or Delivery

Fullen Stone provides contractors, large and small, with consistent, quality construction aggregate materials, on budget and on time, for:

  • Commercial & Residential Buildings

  • Roads, Bridges & Parking Lots

  • Agriculture & Farm Infrastructure

  • Airports, Railroads & Runways

  • Parks & Recreation

  • Embankments & Erosion Control


Featured Construction Projects

Union Pacific Intermodal Yard | AR

Fullen Dock ensured delivery of 200,000 tons of construction aggregate for the construction of the Union Pacific Intermodal Yard in Marion, Arkansas—a $70 million state-of-the-art intermodal facility including more than 25 miles of track, 36 turnouts, and a 12-span railroad bridge.

Memphis International Airport | TN

When construction began on the new International Runway at Memphis International Airport, Fullen Stone provided the delivery of 150,000 tons of concrete aggregate for the two-mile long, three-foot thick, steel-reinforced concrete runway.

NIKE North America Logistics Campus | TN

Completed in the summer of 2015, Fullen Dock supplied over 200,000 tons of construction aggregate for site work, concrete and geopiers at Nike's new North American Logistics Center in Memphis, TN. At the time of completion, the 2.8 million square foot facility was Nike’s largest distribution warehouse in the world!

Amazon Distribution Center | TN

When Amazon was seeking to construct a 5-story,  3.8 million square foot warehouse in the fall of 2020, they turned to Fullen Stone as their aggregate supplier to provide over 100,000 tons of construction aggregate materials for site work and geopiers to complete their new Memphis distribution center.