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Ideal Location

Located in the heart of "America's Distribution Center", Fullen Dock is a warehousing and stevedoring company  positioned on the lower Mississippi River, about 6 miles from Downtown Memphis, TN. This strategic location can reach ~40% of the U.S. population within a one day drive or less.

Seamless Logistics

Easy access to rail lines, interstates and highways along with our own trucking company and simultaneous on- and off-loading means you can consolidate your scheduling and logistics to seamlessly coordinate every portion of your shipment’s journey. 

Safety & Service

At Fullen Dock, every tug, dock, crane, trailer, forklift, truck, etc. is operated by someone who knows how to handle your cargo, cautiously and efficiently. With safety training throughout the year and various safety incentives, we focus on minimizing risk for us while maximizing shipping efficiency for you.

The Fullen team would love the opportunity to be your diligent stevedoring

company in the midsouth. Contact our team today and work

with a logistics partner dedicated to your success.

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Load, Unload, Transport & Store at Fullen Dock

Barge, Truck or Rail  •  We'll Take It From Here

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Fullen Dock, together with Port 740, Inc., operates one wholly owned tug and employs pilots who exceed all Coast Guard regulations, averaging more than 25 years of experience. Our pilots move more than 1.5 million tons of cargo every year, and they do whatever it takes to get your shipment to port safely.


Fullen Dock has over 740 acres of property with 1,325,000 sqft of inside storage and 750,000 sqft of paved outside storage. No matter what you need to store, how much of it you have or for how long, Fullen Dock & Warehouse can help you find the right warehouse space for your needs. 


Fullen Dock is at the heart of the highway system and halfway between the coasts. Our extensive fleet of company-owned trucks and trailers makes it easy to get your product where you need it, when you need it.


Our designation as a Foreign Trade Zone, or Free Trade Zone, offers  international customers strategic exemptions from many U.S. customs rules and regulations while conducting international trade.




Years of Experience


Floating Docks


Trucks + Trailers


Interstate + Highway Access


Direct Rail Connection


Horsepower Tug for Fleeting Services

Memphis Stevedoring  Company

Cargo Handled

Fullen Dock is prepared to handle just about any cargo you can throw our way. And with easy access to rail and highways, on-site owned trucking, and on-site warehousing, we'll make sure your cargo gets to where it needs to be – fast and cost-effectively.

  • Aggregates

  • Bulk Materials

  • Containers

  • Ferro Alloys

  • Heavy Lifts

  • Steel

  • Plate Steel

  • Steel Coils

  • Structural Steel

  • Wire Rod

  • Oversized Cargo

  • Super Sacks

  • Scrap

  • Agricultural and Feed Products

We are confident we can handle any cargo you need. If you don't see your cargo type listed, contact a Fullen Team Member today to discuss your unique cargo needs and we'll work with you each step of the way.

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The Fullen team would love the opportunity to be your preferred stevedoring company in the midsouth. Contact our team today and work with a logistics partner dedicated to your success.

CALL NOW: 1-800-467-7104

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